The restaurant industry is currently rebelling against the fees charged by GrubHub, DoorDash and UberEats, which can gobble up to 30% of the customer’s tab for an order!

I love local restaurants, where many people, even generations, celebrated their special occasions and gatherings with friends and loved ones. Seeing many of those gems closing their doors forever is breaking my heart.

This is the time when our favorite spots must adjust to the current events to survive and thrive in the future. Let me tell you a secret that many will not like to hear: the restaurant business as we know it will never be back. I can promise you this very inconvenient truth. Trying to wait things out in hopes to get back to old “pre-pandemic” days will only solidify the fatality of your patience.

A mobile app is the only way to stay continuously connected with your customers in digital space; without the middleman dictating his terms and your livelihood. It’s much better to own than to rent!

Why your website is not enough

If you, as a business owner, do not already have a website by now, then you may consider yourself invisible. But just having a website is currently not enough. It’s not even enough to have a website that lets you customers order delivery online. Why? Because users are bombarded by offers and options on a daily basis. We get constantly distracted and we are glued to our mobile phones. You website will never be able to send a simple “Feeling hungry?” notification on our phones. You might send us a very warm email, and we will most likely miss it because Gmail will put it into “Promotions” and we’re too busy to check that folder, ever. We love your food, but we don’t remember you exist.

The Key Features of a successful Delivery App

UX done by a brilliant designer Valeo Mooha

Make sure your guests’ experience of the app is as good as their visit to your physical location. Keep your UX clean, easy to navigate, and the dishes that you offer sizzling with color and flavor. We’ll even send a pro photographer to you to make sure your food jumps off the screen when your customers use your mobile app!

Digital Menus and self-payment are the future norm

UX done by a brilliant designer Angel Villanueva

Printed menus will go extinct, good riddance! Bars and nightclubs are about to re-invent themselves, too! To avoid big crowds in your bar area, let you customers order and pay for their drinks without leaving the table or your venue’s patio. You can easily update your menu as often and as fast as you want without wasting paper and the environment. Cheers to that!

I know that things are very tough and uncertain, no matter how trite this may sound. But it is up to you to either see this as an opportunity to re-invent yourself as a business and as a brand or to close your doors forever which will devastate your loyal customers.

If you are ready to embrace the future that will let your thrive, contact us here.

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