This fox is on fire!

I have been a long-term fan of the browser, preferring it to any other, even when the population officially admitted that Chrome was no laughing matter. I remember how many in the industry tried to convince me of Chrome’s superiority.  And there was a time I honestly tried to switch camps and join the Google tribe.

But there was always something about their browser that made me return to Firefox. Firefox was useful, it was dear, it was like a pair of favorite shoes. There was only one issue though, and everyone could feel that pebble in their favorite shoes. The speed. Watching any videos or trying to open a heavy content website in Firefox was accompanied by expected cringe. During years I found my peace knowing that Netflix streaming automatically goes to Chrome, so does browsing Youtube.

I’m happy to admit that after all these years of struggle and adjustments, Firefox finally delivered. These shoes are still cozy and familiar, but the pebble has finally been removed, and there’s nothing lagging my internet experience now. The new polished logo is a nice touch as well. Excellent job, Mozilla!