The short answer is Yes. But there’s a catch.

Most tech entrepreneurs who are just breaking into the industry with their idea, believe that all they need is an iOS or Android developer to build the mobile app. Easy peasy, right?

That’s a trap that in 99% of cases causes either a tremendous loss of resources (you’ll lose time AND money) or a loss of enthusiasm due to lack of knowing all the ins and outs of a successful app development. 😓🤯

It takes more than a freelance developer to build a mobile app. You won’t just hire a handyman to build a house for you. You’d need a whole construction team along with a great architect.

The beauty about creating a mobile app the right way is that you can start – and should start – with the blueprint first. The blueprint of your app is a prototype that lets you demonstrate and test out the idea with your users and your potential investors.

That is a much more transparent way of building software. Thanks to that you:

  • Will know exactly where you are
  • Will know how much money and time it’ll take
  • Will not need to worry about additional expenses you’d have if you were to outsource your project to a freelancer
  • Will have a first version if your product in a short amount of time
  • Will be able to raise funds and cover expenses of the actual development

Being a tech entrepreneur is an exciting journey. But you still need to make sure you have the right approach and the right team to back you up! Do you have any questions about how to create a mobile app? Send them to me, and I’ll cover them in my next posts! 👌