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Upwork Enterprise – Hiring Manager Experience

If you have ever had to hire a freelancer, or a whole team for your project, you have probably heard of Upwork, or, as they used to be known, oDesk and Elance. I’ve built several products by hiring and finding a one-time project talents on freelance platforms. My least favorite of them would be, but I digress.

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What Is an MVP?

MVP = Minimum Viable Product

Whether you are an aspiring product manager or an entrepreneur who just got into software industry with an idea to build the next “It” App, you have probably heard about MVP.

The original term was introduced by Eric Ries in his book The Lean Startup Framework. if you have not read the book, try and fix that mistake ASAP.

Many in the industry refer to an MVP as a basic version of a product, which isn’t exactly true.

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Upwork Native Apps – Freelancer Experience

I always enjoy doing case studies for the industry’s big and small players. This time I had a pleasure working with Upwork folks and did a couple of case studies for them. This particular one was done in August 2017 for their current version of Upwork Mobile App, particularly for the Freelancer’s end of the app.

The Problem:

Currently, freelancers are able to Search and Save Jobs, Submit Proposals, Accept Invitations and Offers, and Send Messages. They are not able to see or access submitted proposal which might significantly shorten the time spent on the apps while forced to access and track submitted proposals on the web. This interrupts the natural flow in Freelancer’s interaction with the apps. Judging by the freelancers’ feedback, the lack of Proposals feature is negatively affecting the overall user experience with the product, which might cause lower user engagement and, as a result, possible decline in revenue.

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Project Manager VS. Product Manager

I think it’s time to put this confusion to rest. Most people assume that Project Manager and Product Manager are a same thing. They really aren’t. More so, beware of a company that thinks that the two are pretty similar, if you’re looking for a job.

Product Management isn’t formally taught in college. That’s why people still get confused what the profession is really about. Most people who become Product Managers come from two backgrounds: design and coding. ‘Coders’ create Androids, ‘Designers’ create iOSes, if you follow my metaphor. 😉 Both types are needed, they just approach product from different perspective. I, for example, come from a designer’s background, my coding skills are pretty soft, but I feel at home when it comes to UI and UX.

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