Last night Apple had its September keynote event at the brand new Steve Jobs Theater. The company unveiled Apple Watch 3 Series, iPhone 8, and the highly anticipated iPhone X.

The biggest splash was made by Apple Watch Series 3

I was one of those who did not initially believe in Apple Watch. I even had a couple of arguments with the pro-Apple Watch people, trying to convince them that nothing will get close to a well-made time piece with centuries long legacy like Rolex or Cartier. I was wrong.

By introducing cellular to Apple Watch, the company convinced me that by marring technology and craftsmanship, smartwatch made the future of time-management.

That, by the way, was one of the best ads ever made. It gets the message, the excitement, the feeling of freedom, all under 1 minute directly to the consumer’s psyche.

I often find myself with the “beach dilemma”. I like going to the beach alone but the idea of leaving my cellphone unattended in the sand while going for a swim is reasonably uncomfortable. So, clearly, being able to leave your cell behind altogether and still stay connected and reachable instantly sold me. And it looks like I’m not the only one.

Apple Watch is now #1 watch in the world (followed by Rolex) with 97% customer satisfaction. That made me curious about the rest 3%. 😉

It’s truly impressive that designers and engineers at Apple were able to add cellular and Siri to Apple Watch, as well as improving its dual core processor and Wi-Fi performance by 85%, without increasing the size of the product.

So far, Apple Watch Series 3 looks very impressive on paper. I am looking forward to seeing it in action. One can pre-order Apple Watch 3 Series With Cellular starting September 15th 2017, and find it at stores on September 22nd 2017. Starting price: $399.

iPhone 8 gets its glass back

… and I am happy about that. There is something very sophisticated and surprisingly sturdy about a glass body, despite that one time when I dropped my 4S and its back cracked into a gloating web of shutters. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus boast the most durable glass in a smartphone, or at least that what Apple promises.

A 11 Bionic, a.k.a. the smartest chip in a smartphone, got its fare share of the spotlight last night. Among other praised features were improved 12MP camera boasting Deeper Pixels, wider dynamic range, and new Color Fitter. With iPhone 8 you can now capture the highest-quality videos in a smartphone, including 1080p resolution 240 FPS Slo-Mo.

It looks like to truly enjoy the new iPhone’s features, one better opt for an iPhone 8 Plus instead of an iPhone 8. That’s unfortunate, really, for I am one of those who prefers smaller smartphones.

AR (Augmented Reality) is now big part of the experience. Now, for example, you can see a live sky map of constellations over any scenery you’re looking at through your screen. How cool is that?

Overall, I was surprised Apple skipped the usual S title for the new iPhone, and went straight to 8, because the changes they introduced were not significant enough for the next digit model.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be available for pre-order on September 15th 2017, and available in stores on September 22nd 2017. The price starts from $699.

I personally have yet to decide whether I want to upgrade…

iPhone X looks more as an expensive gimmick rather than the crown of iPhone’s evolution

…and it’s a shame, really.

First of all, the name. Why did Apple have to name it iPhone Ten is beyond me. What happens after they release the regular iPhone 9? Why not calling iPhone Ten iPhone Ex instead. The name would have been so much more suiting, so much more appealing, and so much less confusing. As a matter of fact, once the iPhone X title appeared on the screen during the keynote, I intuitively read it as ‘iPhone Ex’, it was natural.

I do appreciate removing the home button – there is nothing revolutionary about the edge to edge screen, btw, Apple, it was done many years ago. The new user experience with opening, closing, and switching between screens looks very confusing, and not very intuitive. Current iPhone users would need to learn ins and outs before they feel natural interacting with the device, which in my book is the opposite of intuitive UX.

Super Retina HDR Display with 458 PPI sounds very impressive, so does the surgical grade stainless steel and glass body. But is it something an average user would want enough to pay extra?

Apple introduced FaceID. A new, revolutionary way to protect your iPhone and unlock it without even touching it. By using TrueDepth camera iPhone X learns and recognizes your face, even if you decide to grow a beard, wear bangs, or age. How secure is FaceID? The chance that another person might be able to unlock your phone by presenting their own face is 1 in 1,000,000. So, pretty slim.

The best part about FaceID is not its security though, it’s Animoji (animated emoji). Now that was probably the feature that got the most attention. Maybe it was due to Craig Federighi’s presenting the feature with his usual charismatic personality and fun way of communicating with the audience, or it’s the fact that we all secretly waited for the poo emoji to start talking. Turning emoticons into Pixar custom-made cartoons on your phone and sending them to your contacts was close to magic.

The question is how many people would see the value of above features packed into a high-quality device priced at $999? Who will be the first adopters? Is it really worth it? I know that I probably won’t be buying the device any time soon, I simply can’t justify the cost. But maybe I’m not the audience that Apple targeted for iPhone X. Time will tell. iPhone X will come in 64GB and 256GB and will be available on November 3rd 2017.