My name is Maria Konstantinova. I am a Product Manager by day, and an insomniac plotting new ideas and solutions by night. I spend most of my hours studying user behavior, gathering soon-to-be very valuable data, drawing unnecessary beautiful wireframes, and playing chess with roadmaps and project plans. Sounds fun? I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I do it because Product is my passion. I reside in sunny California and take my work as I do my travel – globally.

I have founded two startups: L’Esthete and Blue Gangster.

L’Esthete was an online magazine/community created for people who seek products and services that present exceptional aesthetics and uncompromising performance. The platform was built from scratch and got acquired by a small investment company right after it was launched.

Blue Gangster is a fashion accessories line for women (and men) in business. It is still my hobby project that lets me exercise some of my artistic impulses when I’m not too busy building software.

I also founded Marie Lumiere, a company specialized in Branding, Marketing, and Web and Mobile Apps Development. My role mostly revolved around Product, more particularly: user and market research, concept-to-design, product design, project planning, collaboration with graphic designers, communication with dev teams (SCRUM), communication with clients, successful launch and further growth of the products. Marie Lumiere celebrated its 6th year in July 2018, after which I continued as a solo consultant, saving the tech world, one app at a time. 🙂

I have worked with over a hundred small businesses and entrepreneurs. Helping brilliant minds create beautiful and easy to use products is what makes my Monday mornings exciting. I speak English, Russian, HTML, CSS, Python, and Sarcasm.;)

Here are some of the great products I have worked on:


Public Journal

Renge Mobile App

ReferAway Mobile App

MyRisk Mobile App

DraftCard Mobile App

L’Esthete Print

If you like my work and would like me to be a part of your team, feel free to reach out. Who knows, maybe you’ve just found a perfect partner in crime.